The New Jersey Young Republican Federation is a youth political organization dedicated to supporting the candidates and goals of the Republican Party. Open to members of the Republican Party between the ages of 18-40, the New Jersey Young Republican Federation and its affiliated county chapters serve as the primary vehicles by which the voice of young Republicans can be better represented within the Republican Party at-large, both in New Jersey and on the national scale. Additionally, the New Jersey Young Republican Federation represents New Jersey Young Republicans as New Jersey's affiliate to the Young Republican National Federation, the national governing body and parent organization of the Young Republican movement.  

New Jersey Young Republicans take an active and involved role in helping to elect Republican candidates to local, county, state, and federal office, and have in many cases gone on to become elected officials, party officials, prominent activists, and well-known community and civic leaders. New Jersey Young Republicans represent a wide variety of political viewpoints and ideologies, and have, as a matter of tradition, been especially welcoming to the development of a broad, majority coalition in the Garden State. Through both electioneering and civic activities, the New Jersey Young Republican Federation and its members make a real difference in the community. 

The New Jersey Young Republican Federation is always seeking new members to increase our strength and achieve our mission. Let's work together to advance the next generation of Republican leaders, and let's help to bring responsible and responsive government to the Great State of New Jersey!