Travel and Hotel Update for YRNF Summer Meeting

The New Jersey Young Republican Federation has been made aware that some Young Republicans have expressed concerns about the costs associated with attending the Young Republican National Federation Board Meeting in Atlantic City. Please allow us to answer some of your concerns, primarily those related to travel and hotel costs for the weekend.

1)      Transportation: Understandably, some Young Republicans are concerned that travel costs to Atlantic City may be prohibitive. Though airfare is rarely a bargain in the United States, our own research suggests that airfare costs to Atlantic City (round-trip, single ticket, Friday to Sunday) are reasonable, and sometimes cheaper than other popular August destinations. An analysis of the top-twenty most populated metropolitan areas in the United States (excluding New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C., and then including the next three largest metropolitan areas, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, and Tampa) shows that, on average, travelers can be expected to pay a fare of $491 when travelling by air, directly into Atlantic City International Airport. When conducting our cost analysis study, we found that for the majority of metropolitan areas east of the Mississippi, travelers would pay fares under $300, with the highest cost (San Jose, $958) coming from the extreme-West Coast.


Furthermore, alternative travel options do exist for travelers wishing to use Philadelphia International Airport, where New Jersey Transit’s first-class rail network connects Philadelphia travelers directly to Atlantic City, in 90 minutes, for only $10—we believe that this is neither a prohibitive or excessive travel option. Alternatively, travelers may choose to fly into one of the New York City Metropolitan Area Airports (three major airports), where train access can deliver a traveler to Atlantic City in 2 hours, at a standard, New Jersey Transit fare, that again, is neither a prohibitive or excessive travel consideration. Finally, there are many people living within 3-5 hour driving distances from Atlantic City, and more sitting on the bubble in manageable 6-10 hour driving distances from the same; for these individuals, the option exists to take advantage of our greater region’s highly developed Interstate and state highway system to access Atlantic City, which again, can be achieved without spending an excessive amount of money.


2)      Hotels: Though the New Jersey Young Republican Federation has secured a block of rooms from Resorts, we understand that, despite Resorts generous $100 savings on the second-night’s rate, many Young Republicans would like to seek more affordable accommodations. While we highly recommend that Young Republicans chose to utilize the Resorts block of rooms, as business and recreational agenda items will take place in and immediately surrounding Resorts (which is situated on the Boardwalk, across from the beach), other options most certainly do exist. Hotel rates, which can be easily obtained through a simple Internet search, for hotels within walking distance to Atlantic City’s world-famous Boardwalk and entertainment district, begin at $111 a night, with several other options under $250. For those of you who do not mind taking advantage of the reliable and consistent shuttle services provided by the vast majority of Atlantic City hotels, hotels at a greater distance (between 3 and 5 miles from the Boardwalk) offer rates as low as $63 a night.

For those of you who may be unaware, Atlantic City, as well as neighboring, adjacent municipalities of Galloway Township, Absecon, Ventnor City, and Margate, offer a plethora of hotel and lodging accommodations—anything from full home rentals, to familiar chain brand hotels,  all can be accessed within a short taxi drive (5 minutes) from the Boardwalk. Atlantic City is a “walking city”, with the majority of attractions situated within walking distance from each other. Intra-city transportation to-and-from the various hotels and venues can be achieved using taxis, or Boardwalk rickshaws, all at a reasonable price.

It is our goal that the Young Republican National Federation Summer Board Meeting be the best event that it can be. If you or anyone you know requires assistance booking flights or hotels, please feel free to reach out to us. Please direct all inquiries on the Atlantic City gathering to New Jersey Young Republican Federation Vice Chairman Brendan Quinones, who may be reached directly via e-mail at, by cell at (201) 638-3244, via Twitter @BrendanQuinones, or on Facebook under the name “Brendan Joseph”.