Chairman's Update for the NJYRF

Hello Young Republicans,

We would like to thank the Rutgers College YRs and the Middlesex County YRs for hosting our fall board meeting last Saturday, September 13th.  The meeting was also attending by Congressional Candidate Anthony Wilkson, and Rich Pizzulo representative for Senatorial Candidate Jeff Bell.  Thank you for taking time out of their busy campaigns to speak with us.    

I would like to detail three important items we covered during this fall board meeting.  

First is our adopted change to the NJYRF bylaws regarding Vice-Chair regions in the state.  The actual amendment can be read here.  The change had two significant parts to it.  One being that the regions went from three to four in the state.  The board felt with the increased in young republican activity throughout the state along with large areas within the three original regions, there need to be a change.  Now with four smaller regions the Vice-Chairs can travel more easily among the counties they cover.  Second we elected Erica Klemens as the new Vice-Chair of the North West Region.  The Vice-Chairs are in place to help counties form clubs or strengthen those already active with the NJYRF.  Also as the NJYRF becomes more organized and adopts new strategies to grow, the Vice-Chairs will help implement those efforts in their regions.

Second was a change in the Executive Board by way of elections to fill vacated positions.  Due to the fact that work was taking up more of their time, our two National Committee Members had to resign.  So along with the new North West Vice-Chair position we had elections to fill the two spots.  Unfortunately we did could not fill the Committeeman spot due to a technicality at this time.  We believe at this time our Board Treasurer would like to resign to take on the Committeeman spot, therefore leaving the Treasurer's spot vacant.  We will hold an election for both of these board positions during our next meeting December 6th.  In the mean time we would like to congratulate our new National Committeewoman Vicky Chadwick.     

Third item discussed was the chartering process for countywide Young Republican Clubs.  The process for charting county clubs was implemented for two strong reasons.  One being the requirements from the National Young Republican Federation in order to stay chartered.  Two that we need to be organized with strong lines of communication to the county clubs and all statewide members.  In our bylaws found here, we have the complete details of a chartering a club, however list below is a short list of the important items to remember. 

All must be provided the NJYRF Secretary:
1. Update to date Bylaws and Constitution for the county.
2. Dues of $50 per year to the NJYRF.
3. Current year membership list with details of board members. (Minimum of 15 members to stay chartered.) 

Thank you for taking the time to read our update and please check back on our news blog shortly for information about Statewide sponsored deployments in October along with a details and a registration page to attend a taping of the Mike Huckabee show.

NJYFR Chairman

Michael Thulen Jr.